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3rd party connection manual

In order to get the most possible value out of Affilmaster, you might sometimes encounter a need to connect it to your own Affiliate software just like MyAffiliates, Income access, Netrefer and others…

Here we enclose 2 technical questions that needs to be answered in order to achieve such connection between our softwares:

  1. What are additional URL parameters (in general called ‘get parameters’ or ‘subIDs‘) possible/supported to use in your affiliate links?
    In your system the example should be something like this
  2. What API variables do represent “Total cost”and “OrderID” of the transaction?

By answering these two questions we should be able to generate you an unique POST BACK URL that can be entered into you system and recive data about the campaigns during the whole period of cooperation between Affilmaster and your product.

Here is an example of such POST BACK URL:


In case of any additonal questions, please contact

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