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Revenue calculation

This is a very sensitive information for every casino and partner. But with us, you can rely on maximum transparency and trust. As former affiliate partners, we know very well how important this point is. Rest assured that our cooperation is fair.

In order to be able to share fairly with you as our affiliate partners, we calculate the base for the calculation after deducting the main costs of the game. This creates the base (so-called NGR), from which your reward and profit for the casino are distributed.


There is a basic cost for every game and every single spin – taxes. We only deduct these basic costs from the revenue from the game. For example:

  • Commission to the provider of the deposit payment, for example by credit card. If a player deposits into the account via credit card, the casino will pay a 6-11% fee.
  • Reward to the publisher of the game. Depending on the type of provider, this is 12-17% of the amount lost.
  • Casino platform commissions. They vary widely, usually between 5-15%.
  • Local tax. Varies by location. In general, the range is 13-40%. It may also vary according to the type of game, such as poker, slot machines, lottery tickets, etc.


earnings (total sales GGR) – costs (taxes) = NGR

After deducting these fees from the amount lost (GGR), you are left with the net profit per game (NGR). And from this amount the Advertiser shares its revenue with Affiliate. It’s fair play.

Fair distribution

Nothing else is deducted from the value of NGR, which we can consider as gross revenue from the game, and it is distributed between us and you as a partner according to your revenue share plan. The casino continues to pay additional operating costs, such as employees, operation, servers, additional services, etc., as part of its revenue.

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