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Revenue plan

Here is a sample Revenue share progressive bonus plan.

Please note that each Advertiser has a different plan setup. In addition, each Advertiser may have multiple campaigns and each campaign setup differently. Before promoting an Advertiser, please refer to the campaign description for the exact reward plan.

Revenue share is the share you receive as a reward from NGR. Please check this article about what how the NGR is calculated.

earningsrevenue share
0 – 2.500 EUR25%
2.500 – 5.000 EUR30%
5.000 – 7.000 EUR35%
7.000 – 20.000 EUR40%
20.000 – 40.000 EUR45%
40.000 – 80.000 EUR50%
80.000 EUR +55%
valid from 16.04.2020

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